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Reusable Behind the Ear Face Mask 10/pack Water Resistant Poly

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The disposable or the reusable mask are NOT an N-95 certified mask.The (white) mask consist of 1 layer of woven polyester fabric, specially treated to be be hydrophobic (resist water) with low air permeability. This model has an elastic that goes around the ear. This model has seam in the center where the 2 halve of the mask are joined. Breathing is comfortable and it seems to keep dust out very well.We Have 4 sizes Large (fits most men), Medium (fist most women), Small (Small faces and teenagers), Very Small . If you use them on children Please Proceed with extreme caution! Try it out and observe them for a few minutes, make certain they can breathe properly!

If you want to get a better idea as to which size to order,( after all what good is the mask if it does not fit well and it sits around your neck) use a string and measure your face according to the pictures. Since this model is around the ear, you should start at the nose (tape the string to the nose) and go around the ear, come over the chin and behind the other ear and finish at the nose. Use these number in inches to get a rough idea of which size to order. These numbers are "rough". Frankly we only have about 50 head measurements so there is not enough data to assure a perfect fit. Let us Know and we will work with you getting the fit right.

  1. Large 29-31"
  2. Medium 26-28"
  3. Small 23-25"
  4. Xtra Small 19 -23"