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White Satin Pillow Insert



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Satin Polyester Insert

Soft Ply-a Fiber Perma Soft Faux Down Cluster

For a description of the inserts view our video Pillow Insert Part 1


Custom Polyester Inserts /w White Satin Fabric Outside Fabric. Satin outer shell give it s very soft and silky feel.  Enter the dimensions in inches below. Remember the insert should be 2" bigger than the cover  size so that it fills out the corners.  For example a 23 x 23 cover will use a 25 x 25 insert. On the smaller sizes (less than 16" ) adding only 1" is usually enough. This insert has a woven outer poly-cotton fabric cover, so it can be washed. We have a choice of 5 poly fills:
1)Soft Polyester: is a soft, typically hollow slick poly that will be smooth and light after being processed on our state of the art equipment that opens the fiber close to 100%. This will help prevent the fiber from forming balls and bunching up. Feel: bouncy, soft.
2)Perma Soft Polyester: It is a very soft conjugated extra slick hollow poly that is smooth and light after being processed on our state of the art equipment that opens the fiber close to 100%. This fiber is extra smooth and light. Feel: very soft, very bouncy, resilient, smooth and durable. Good for throw pillows and back cushions.
3)Faux Down Polyester: Best way to describe it is "synthetic down". Our closest imitation to the feel of down using a man made fiber. It is extremely soft, but less bouncy than the perma soft or the soft. This is very smooth and intended for people who might be allergic to down, but want that down like feel. Feel:extremely soft, not too bounce, very smooth.
4)Ply-a Soft Polyester: It is a very limp poly that will not bounce back after it set in a position. It is "moldable" since it is so limp. It will hold a V shape across the center of the pillow giving the look of down and feathers, but not the expense. Feel: limp, not bouncy, ideal for making a V top shape pillow.
5)Cluster Polyester: It is a very resilient and long lasting polyester made into tiny "pellet" size balls or clusters of fiber. It can rearrange it-self inside the pillow making it similar to down and feather. It is very, very durable and is used primarily in bed pillows and back cushions where durability and comfort are a must, but it can also be used for throw pillows. It is soft and bouncy and it is one of the most durable fibers on the market today. Feel: soft, bouncy, the most durable poly fiber we have, good for long lasting bed pillows.